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Well I picked this up and it ended so fast I almost couldnt believe it. That is one freaking quick game...

Cool game tho. I think it prolly really helps if your a fan of the TV show. They do the whole "Previously on Lost" thing after you complete levels, which I thought was actually really cool. If you've watched Lost you'll notice some of the stuff your character goes through, Jack went through on the show. Not a lot of action either. I think I shot maybe 2-3 characters?

My only gripes were the photo deal (have to take a perfectly timed picture and eventually you find your self mashing the space button). Game is short. Some of the fuse box puzzles were kinda annoying. And you cant jump. Well, in certain parts of the game your allowed to. Maybe 2 levels. And they used this fog layer in every jungle level, which for some reason annoyed me.

If your a fan of Lost you'll prolly dig it, if not, you'll more then likely think it's crap.
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