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Default Re: Blu-ray prices go up following HD DVD's death

Originally Posted by Mr Bigman
I swear i shouldn't say this but this guy has a bullsye on his forehead.

Bush is going to go down as one of the worse presidents in history.

Bad everywhere but the rich aren't effected so if any of you who have millions like the Dartheavis guy, than Bush isn't effecting you any.

I boaght a buch of HDDVD's and like them alot.

This Blu Ray thing is a joke and the devs should offer movies on both formats.
actually it affects the rich a whole lot more.

Say $1 = 1 pound (it's not but let's just pretend for this illustration). Suppose tomorrow, the value of the dollar drops so that $2 = 1 pound. That's a 50% loss. Now what would you rather lose? 50% of a million dollars (rich people) or 50% of $10,000 (poor people)?
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