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Default Re: Blu-ray prices go up following HD DVD's death

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
And as to the OT,

would be hilarious if Sony ran blu-ray out of business because they tried to charge too much money for it. But I guess that $150 million dollar payout to Paramount has to come from somewhere, right?

Right now, blu-ray is getting owned by standard DVD. Until the players drop into the sub $100 range and the movie in the sub $16 range no one is going to buy it.
Um Paramount was HD-DVD backers up untill the end...

As for the price increase... um DUH! The prices were low on both sides due to the competitive market. Now that there is only a single HD Disc on the market theres not reason to have a price war. Do you really think that HD-DVD would have kept its low prices if it would have won? If you say yes then your a ****ing idiot, no nice way of putting it.

Sony says that next year we will see sub $300 players from them. Mind you that it doesn't mean that other manufacturers can't release cheaper models.

BTW, A quick glance at Amazon I saw movies ranging from $17 and up... I don't see too large of a price increase.
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