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Originally Posted by mythy
hummm.... You guys are a bit nuts

I got a pair of Polk RTi 6's for my first set and a PCI SVS sub and they make a AWESOME home theater experience for 2.1 $900 in speakers and $600 for me Pioneer VSX receiver add a grand on my TV and I was done. I guess after cables and stands ect I was at $2,000 but still not bad at all. I surly wouldn't dump that solely on speakers
Well... I'm not the audio enthusiast... or atleast of the same breed of enthusiast that Zelda is. All of my speakers, save for my center, are from the 1980s. So technically they've lasted up to 30 years.

My reciever I got on my 16th b-day, and I've been using it since (almost 4 years). Just purchased another JVC reciever from Randsom about a week ago and finally got it hooked up today. So now I'm using both recievers and the sound is just incredible. Maybe for a true audio enthusiast like Zelda or evil_chris my setup might suck donkey-punch. But for me, the games I play, the music I listen to, and the occasional movie I might throw on the sound is superb. I'm more than pleased.

In audio equipment I might have spent maybe $1200. The rest was given to me by friends or family members.

Anyhow, I sure as heck wont soley dump a ton of money on just the speakers. Right now I'm satisfied with both receivers, and I want to slowly do a makeover on the speakers I'm using. I love the large cabinet style speakers, but can't afford those Cerwin Vegas. So I'm gonna' be droppin' by all the second hand shops and pawn shops in this area to see what shows up. Hopefully I'll get two more tower cabinets like my two curtis Mathes that I currently have. *Hopefully*...
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