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Originally Posted by Redeemed
Anyhow, I sure as heck wont soley dump a ton of money on just the speakers. Right now I'm satisfied with both receivers, and I want to slowly do a makeover on the speakers I'm using. I love the large cabinet style speakers, but can't afford those Cerwin Vegas. So I'm gonna' be droppin' by all the second hand shops and pawn shops in this area to see what shows up. Hopefully I'll get two more tower cabinets like my two curtis Mathes that I currently have. *Hopefully*...
The point here sounds like you have 30 year old speakers. 200 dollar a pair speakers don't last 30 years in general. The investment comes by buying good speakers today and giving them to your kids in 30 years. Curtis Matehs used to be high quality stuff back in the 70s. not a grand a pair but not 50 bucks each either.

Like I said before I have had my pair of Bose 10.2 since the 80's and they still sound great and look pretty good as well. I intend to give them to my kids when the time comes too.
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