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Arrow Re: Severe video corruption from 6800ST

This was the STandard 6800 (6800ST 128MB), unclocked. And I honestly do not recall the temps.
However, I did remove and thoroughly clean all the dust off the card and the AGP slot. Then reseated it. It worked, until I ran Half Life 2, and got this nice screen just after a few seconds. So Friday I bought a (OEM off eBay -85$ w/shipping) 7600GT 512MB. It came yesterday, installed an hour ago.

Thanks for the help guys.

Originally Posted by XDanger
What are the temps and voltage like?

The fact that you don't mention your temps tells me thats the problem.

two and a half years means dust build-up and overheating most likely.

I remember the exact same kind of boot-up screen corruption when I over overclocked my old agp 6800

Running the card like that will kill it, Clean it now.
or I could be wrong, whats the temps like?
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