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Default Re: If you aren't using Very High motion blur, you're missing some of the "wow"

Originally Posted by crainger
You need a bettah PC CaptN.
I think we all do.

I'm finally playing through Crysis and it really doesn't run that bad, but it seems to run the worst at the worst possible time. I'm playing on Delta too. Its bad enough that the enemies are almost completely impervious to body shots (and don't even get me started on the nano suit soldiers that can take direct hits from rockets or 5 gauss rifle rounds to the chest...) and dance around erratically when shot at, but when I'm trying to fight scope-movement at 20fps at the same time it gets a bit annoying.

I have to say, for a highly trained super soldier in a nano suit, this guy can't hold a gun steady for crap...

Also, I wish there was a difficulty setting that didn't give the enemies absurd amounts of health and impossible accuracy but also took out the handicaps (English voices, grenade warnings etc.). It just seems lame that a guy in a plain old jacket can take a full assault rifle magazine to the chest point blank but he can spray out 3 perfectly aimed bullets from the same gun at 300 yards and kill me in my nano armor.
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