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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce 9600 GT" thread

Originally Posted by j0j081
yeah that's what I use to. my 3dmark06 score was 9876 (4633-4303-2385). I am going to oc my cpu to 3.2 ghz soon and have my ram at a 1:1 ratio and see how much my score improves. this is the regular sc edition.
I maxed out on the SC edition to 760MHz Core 980MHz Memory, but I run it at 750MHz/960MHz. I think it's pretty good. I might Step-Up to two 9800GTX's. If my board can handle Tri-SLi, then I'll invest in another 9800GTX.

EDIT: I'll need to get a 780i board, too. A cool EVGA one.

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