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Default Re: How can Orthos run for an hour if Prim95 fails after a minute?

Well first - Vista has issues. I can orthos for hours with my new E8400 @ 4.1 Ghz, however Vista will instantly crash on boot up. Same PC I have 2 HDs one with XP install, the other with Vista x64 SP1. Orthos doesn't work properly under Vista.

It really seems like max overclocks are severely limited with Vista however. Now my quad doesn't suffer the same fate. 3.6 @ 1.44v is rock stable in both. Maybe Vista just doesn't like an E8400 for some reason. I game, orthos, memtest all perfect with the chip @ 4.1Ghz. But boot into Vista and it's BSOD after BSOD. The OS is just too beta even with SP1.

Until you lock down your stability, stick with XP, otherwise you are chasing OS ghosts with Vista.
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