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Default Re: Blu-ray prices go up following HD DVD's death

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
that's the problem for early adopters. they should be aware before buying and be one of first owner on the block. if you look around you'll see almost all features doesn't take advtange of internet access or pip. i don't consider it a major loss. sony already announced lower price blu-ray players end of 2008.

same idea when you go and buy first generation hdtv then second generation hdtv has more features, or buy a video card and later, better video card comes out that offers free AA or offers directx 11 features, blah blah. nothing new.
no offense, but tbh idk how you consider this a reasonable response.

sure early adopters of hardware have it rough at first, BUT things eventually get better with the release of newer drivers. but these people that bought the first BD players are just SOL. not even an update can help them. that's just bad business.
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