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Default Re: How can Orthos run for an hour if Prim95 fails after a minute?

Originally Posted by Amuro
Actually, no. Prime95 stresses higher than Orthos, a 12W higher max power draw, and better OS scheduling as well. The latest versions Prime95 automatically scales according to the number of cores. Orthos however uses old Prime95 algorithm that will not give accurate result on Core 2, especially quads.

Orthos just doesn't work for quads yet. However, it's fine on duals.

Orthos isn't a different program, just doesn't use the latest build of Prime that can run 4 threads - Orthos is just a gui lol, not a different app.

Stress Prime 2004 is a better, I hope, GUI interface to Prime95's Torture Test. Thanks go to the Prime95 people for providing the Prime95 source code (version 24.14).
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