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Is a very small developer - 5 workers, formed with people of Illusion Softworks , Martin Benes and other very important people of the development of Hidden and Dangerus and Hidden and Dangerus 2 . Only has a licence of SpeedTree !!

In 1999, a handful of guys at Illusion Softworks finished their first AAA class project Hidden & Dangerous, one of the best WW2 tactical shooters of that time. Over a million copies was sold in a few months all over the world, the game was translated into many foreign languages and converted to be available on Dreamcast and Playstation.

Later on, the same core members created a successful Mission Pack and then in 2003 they finished a sequel to Hidden & Dangerous and another Mission Pack. Some of them even used their skills to help create the famous Mafia. Then, some of them started to study, some started different jobs but in the end, these same developers decided to establish their own development studio. So here we are.

Our goal is to run independent game development studio which will keep the tradition of making popular and successful games. Although few in number, thanks to many years in business each of us knows his role in the team and we know we can rely on each other to bring you quality products.

After 8 years in Illusion Softworks and a year of different tales of each of us, our paths crossed again. We were asking ourselves a single question. What do we want to do now? The answer was quite simple. As we love making games, this determined ours and our company's activity for the following years. We are able to create greatly looking art, precise and beautifully crafted 3D models and scenes; we do our programming on the border between magic and ingeniousity. We just have that know-how about making games. Good games, games with their own souls. Well, you see, it couldn't end up other way
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