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Exclamation Linux users need a good driver for nvidia products!

to NVIDIA developers:
When will be made normal working drivers for NVIDIA graphic cards? How many people who paid the chips to wait for your normal support your products to Linux? Drivers for your cards are incompatible with certain motherboards.
Example: I have ASrock ALiveSATA2-GLAN and Geforce 6600, on BIOS ver.2.60 I have hard lockup without any messages, on BIOS ver.2.50 I have Xid messages and only freeze of X server. On BIOS ver.1.50 I have both problem ... I try to use geforce 7300LE and I always have hard lockup with this card. If I use 'nv' or 'vesa' driver all work fine.
Dear NVIDIA's developers, do you find difficult to circumvent, and the reason for these hang and do a normal working driver. You pay a little? ;-)

to the participants in the forum:
Let us moral support expensive NVIDIA developers from the company. Maybe then they will make good support products, eliminating all errors and make possible support of hardware video decoding on Linux ...

To support this request!
PS: I'm sorry, but my english is very bad
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