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Default Re: Linux users need a good driver for nvidia products!

Originally Posted by txf
Frankly I'm not too happy at the recent quality of the drivers. When linux desktop and display technology was pretty static in the early xorg days I was quite satisfied with the nvidia drivers. These days it seems to me that nvidia has problems catching up.

Being behind isn't such a big problem but when my 2d performance on an 8600m gt sucks then yes all these small black marks start piling up. I have to say that honestly in the future 2/3 years my next laptop probably won't have a nvidia card. I'm not too fussy I JUST WANT DECENT 2D ACCELERATION

But you are not demanding 'decent' 2d acceleration, you want 'really great' 2d acceleration. It might be a surprise for you, but acceleration 2d is not as easy as it might look like.

btw, could you please point out where NVIDIA is falling behind? Compared to say ATI or MATROX or SIS or S3/VIA or INTEL?
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