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Default Re: Linux users need a good driver for nvidia products!

Originally Posted by brainkilla
Playing a devil's advocate, a? Well, I do not want 2D acceleration that is 'greater' in any sense than 2D acceleration on Windows machine I use at work - smooth scrolling in Firefox 2, responsive GUI... on a Sempron 3000+ and nVidia 5200, whilst my 3 GHz dual core Athlon64 and nVidia 9600GT are giving me 1999. experience, esp. in Firefox (and that is FF 3, quite a performer when compared to FF2). I think I am entitled to ask, if not demand improved 2D support, as well as a response from someone in charge, not a local smartass...
ah, and now we are down to insulting people?

hm, I don't use firefox, but I did not have scrolling problems in the past nor now with Konqueror. And the 171.0X driver even made it better ....

Originally Posted by SilentLexx
I mean the system in general ;-) (I don't like Windows at all)
About PSU maybe you rights. Hangs heavy in the system more frequently. For example when many usb devices connected.
that is certainly a symptom that warrants a closer investigation.

Most PSUs out there suck. Even expensive brands.
For example this test:

8 PSUs, 4 were bad.

32% bad


PSUs are a VERY important and still almost always overlooked component.
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