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Default Re: Overclocking My AMD 64 X2 3600+ 2.0GHz Manchester

Originally Posted by Zapablast05
Don't let your HT Link get any higher than 1100, it will become extremely unstable. It shouldn't go above 1000 anyways, but with a little voltage bump, it can work at 1100. If you loosen up your cas latency and RAM speed, you can probably reach 2.9GHz with the voltage at around 1.5. I would always hit 3.0GHz with my 3800+ X2 Windsor core.
I don't know if I trust bumping the voltage from 1.35 to 1.5. When I had it 2.8GHz, it seemed to make quite a bit of difference. I've backed it off to 2.6GHz for the time being. I'll mess with it more later on. Oh, yeah, I may have to underclock the memory. That's how I had it with my last CPU overclock (Opty 170), but I also had 4 sticks of RAM then, too.
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