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Default Re: Linux users need a good driver for nvidia products!

I'm hardly the only one that has problems with the 2d acceleration under linux. If I thought I was I would drop my complaints. The fact that 2d speed is regressing is fairly annoying but it could be explained by more rich interfaces.

3 years ago I used to have a laptop with a geforce 6200 go. Frankly it was much more snappy at the time and for some years after than my brand new 8600m is now.

Have you tried kde4? It works better on Intel graphics cards than on any nvidia card, It even works faster in a nested x which isn't even accelerated. This is what I mean. I know I can't expect nvidia to drop everything to fix it but I would at least like them to be more forthcoming. They could say no it isn't our problem it's X (or whatever else) or yes it is a problem but we won't fix it for some time.

I remember when nvidia introduced texture from pixmap to their drivers and initially everyone was having problem with the black windows. They then said yes it is a problem and it will be fixed in the future.

Today, yes, the drivers are the best (mostly) and in 3d its really good (at least for me). I think that eventually ati or intel drivers will catch up maybe not in 3d features but certainly in features that matter to desktop users.

Well, I won't complain anymore ... I'll either wait for nouveau to mature or get a laptop with different card in the gfx card is not being used optimally as I can't make use of its power.
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