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Default Re: Linux users need a good driver for nvidia products!

Originally Posted by chunkey
Hmm, strange... I don't have any _laggy_ problems with the 2D-Performance of my two GF8 (8800 GTS, 8600M GT) at all...
Ok, I've to admit that these chips aren't cheap.
Well, as I said before, I own a 9600GT, not exactly the oldest or cheapest of cards, and still experience lags and choppy performance in 2D. I've played a bit with the newly introduced AA acceleration and found that initial pixel placement and glyphs should be both set to 1 in order to get maximum performance out of the Gnome/nVidia combo, yet the "maximum" leaves much to be desired... I would really like to call upon nVidia's people to take these things into consideration and put serious effort into providing the users of their hardware with decent performance, both in 2D and 3D and, dare I mention, PureVideo support... Whereas, all features laid out here are advertised on the box of every nVidia's card I've bought in past couple of years...
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