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Default Re: Linux users need a good driver for nvidia products!

hmm I have a 9600gt too and haven't noticed any lag either, 2d performance seems to be top notch too...

you are using the 171.06 driver right? There were some problems with the 169.12 and 171.05 drivers but those didn't even support the 9600 officially...

One thing I found is that apparently emerald is causing some laggyness in firefox, but then emerald has been sort of buggy for me for a long time and since I've switched to gtk-window-decorator I haven't had any problems anymore.

So where exactly are you seeing lag or slowness? What desktop environment are you using and what distro are you running? It might also be a X config problem - I'm using an nvidia generated xorg.conf here (generated by nvidia-settings, merge switched off).
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