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Default Re: Overclocking My AMD 64 X2 3600+ 2.0GHz Manchester

Originally Posted by SLippe
Well, I went back to 2.8GHz with 1.45V, RAM is at like 233MHz stock voltage and I set, I think, the HT to 800, but CPU-Z still shows it above 1100. WTF? However, it's been stable for a few hours now, unlike the first time. I've used Photoshop CS, played some HD videos via WMP11 and played Painkiller for a while. So far, so good. *crosses fingers* Oh, and I ran Burn In for about an hour with no errors.
Download Prime94 version 2.55 and run the SFF test overnight. If you get up tomorrow morning and there aren't any errors, you've got a stable overclock.
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