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Default 1080p 24Hz on PS3

Hey guys,

I'm sure all of you with PS3s should be aware by now that there is a new firmware update, 2.17, out. Well last night I dled and installed it and today I'm noticing a slight choppiness with my Blu-ray playback. At first I wasn't sure if it was just my eyes but it's very noticeable when pressing select and having the display menu come up. I tried all my BD movies and it was the same with all of them. Long story short I decided to look in the BD/DVD options and noticed that 1080p 24Hz was set to automatic. Disabling this seemed to have fixed the problem and everything is smooth now. I know I haven't touched any of the playback settings before and everything was fine so it has me thinking that it's the firmware update that did this since BDs looked perfect on my TV prior to the update.

Anyone else have this issue? Is there some type of benefit to having 24Hz enabled?
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