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Default Re: Linux users need a good driver for nvidia products!

Originally Posted by energyman76b
you know that voltage regulator thingies on your board? You know, that the bios does more than setting ram speeds - like setting the signal strenght on a couple of 'busses', like agp, or sata or pcie?

So a different bios might drive the pcie-bus with a stronger signal (more volts) which might be able to solve line noise&low voltage related problems.
This is spec'd and adjustable only if designed on the board. You would need supporting circuity like DACs to be able to "Adjust" any voltage on a bus. This is the case for CPU's, Memeory and such but I don't think systems like PCI, PCI-E have provisions for adjustment. Point is the voltage is set stiff from the manufacturer and not accessible by the BIOS. At least not on my board. The extra DAC's for this would add cost.

Great thread. Thanks to NV for supporting Linux but my 5900 was still way smoother than my 8800GT, including Windows.
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