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Default Re: Linux users need a good driver for nvidia products!

Originally Posted by drzoo2
Because your 8600 has a mature driver and has been supported since the 100 series drivers. The rest of us with GT's are stuck with 169.*
Hmm, I like the 169.* and 171.* drivers... (e.g GlyphCache, PowerMizer display, OpenGL 2.1.2, ...). And I'm glad that I'm not stuck with the 100.14 or 9755-something... YMMW

Originally Posted by drzoo2
Spread spectrum has nothing to do with voltage but a method for increasing bandwidth. Checking it makes things less stable...not more.
well?! but you still need some kind of silicon for the spread spectrum feature, or not?! I think this is energyman's point...

Originally Posted by drzoo2
Admittedly I have no idea what Driving Strength is. What is it?
well, just replace "Driving strength" with "Signal strength"... (a famous example was the AGP Driving Strength on VIA's 694X)

I have resorted to not using Gnome either. My desktop is really snappy since I switched to terminal and wget.

I have a tty! (for real!)
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