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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
Might I add, so far bugs (driver ones) have been found in the games I would be playing. If I went out and already bought the card I would have still ended up using my Geforce 3 to play the games I LIKE. So untill the drivers work perfectly for older 16bpp games with AA, Ati is a no go for me. Argue what you want, so far it isn't my type of card. In future I will be looking out for it. Like I said, bugs are what keeps me away from it. My Geforce 3 has never had 1 bug with the games I play. Quake 2, Quake 1, Warcraft 3 etc...

That's why it's good to have multiple choices that are all good products. No single product is going to suit everyone's needs... some people will actually need the Matrox Parhelia.

If the 9700 doesn't suit your needs, great, there are other choices. Some people just don't understand the concept though that even though it might not be the ideal card for them, it might be for others. Sounds simple, I know, but you'd be surprised how many fall into the fanboy chant of "it has terrible drivers, ATI's cards always have, look at bugs xx, yy, and zz... you'd have to be an idiot to even consider it."

Many posts on this forum seem to follow that general pattern.
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