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Pelly... you've been sucked in:
Ok....let's clear this up asap......

Aside from the lack of an "official" or "genuine" JEDEC specification which would essentially fine-tune a module running at 400MHz ( focus on eliminating noise issues especially ), what constitutes DDR400? In my book, it's a module that runs 400MHz.

This "genuine" memory you mention doesn't exist as the JEDEC standard has yet to be finalized....In other words, there is no official DDR400 available by anyone right now.

To focus on this issue more, let's examine the Corsair XMS modules since you are "familiar" with them. Specifically, let's focus our attention to the CAS2 PC-3200. ( CMX256A-3200C2 ).

This memory has been verified to be operate at 200MHz ( 2-3-3, 1T command rate ) and 166MHz ( 2-2-2, 1T command rate ).
100% tested at 200MHz in high performance motherboards.
The way I read these claims, their modules will run at 400MHz. Since my definition of DDR400 is theability to run at 400MHz, this memory ( increased noise and all ) qualifies as DDR400 in my book....

As for your claim that Mushkin PC3200 is only good for is a tiny bit of info from Mushkin's website:

Our PC3200 DDR SDRAM is run through a speed bin sort to insure operation at 200MHz memory bus (400MHz DDR).
Evidently, you think the PR monster is out to steal your money...Fortunately, you're wrong and these companies are not about to risk losing the reputation that took them so long to earn.....

In case you think I'm talking foolishness, take a look at the happy customers from newegg who bought Corsair PC3200 memory....That is, unless they're talking foolishness as well....

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