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I already installed the GLX driver. I installed both files, they're both verified by 3ddiag, and are listed in my package list as installed. Let me try to describe what I did...First, I rpm --rebuilt the kernel source, which ran fine and created a new rpm for me to install. So then I rpm --ivh the newly created kernel.rpm file. All ran smooth. I did the same thing for the GLX driver...rpm --rebuild, created new rpm, installed the rpm. I edited the config, and bam, it was all working fine. Tested it with 3ddiag, and all was verified. However, when I ran any OpenGL apps, it would run deathly slow. So I searched the NVIDIA README some more. And I came across this...

Q: Why do OpenGL applications run so slow?

A: The application is probably using a different library still on your system, rather than the NVIDIA supplied OpenGL library. Please see APPENDIX C for details.


You should also check that the correct extensions are present; 'xdpyinfo' should show the "GLX", "NV-GLX" and "NVIDIA-GLX" extensions present. If these three extensions are not present, then there is most likely a problem with the glx module getting loaded or it is unable to implicitly load GLcore. Check your XF86Config file and make sure that you are loading glx (see "Editing Your XF86Config File" above). If your XF86Config file is correct, then check the XFree86 log file for warnings/errors pertaining to GLX. Also check that all of the necessary symlinks are in place (refer to Appendix C).

So I ran xdpyinfo and out of those I only had NV-GLX, and although it's not listed there I also have NV-CONTROL. Also thats when I checked my log and found the GLX load error which I pasted in the last post.
Was I only supposed to compile the kernel source, then download the stock SuSE 8.0 GLX? It just seems to me like the GLX I installed left out a lot of stuff. I'm gonna keep toying around with it for a while longer. Geez, sorry for the long posts, but I'm trying to give you guys as much info as possible. Thanks for all the help!
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