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I'm quite familiar with British humour, I grew up worshipping Monty Python, watched Bean regularly on HBO for many years, and Guy Ritchie's movies happens to be one of my most favorite of all times to watch. There's a fine line between humour and stupidity though, whether it's American, British, French, Russian, or Martian, and I don't ever hear about how humourous The Inquirer ever is. But perhaps you're confusing people calling The Inquirer a joke as being humourous?

While to an innocent bystander, that Stalin and GPU comment seems to be "tongue-in-cheek humor" or whatever the Brits like to call it, based on the emails I've recieved, it was a simple potshot taken at me and my site because I'm not one of their worshippers and take everything they say seriously.

You also do realize that "industry rumors" and posting non-credible information can damage and hurt a company, right? Especially when the information is totally incorrect, as has been the case many times, and has been pointed out just recently by Mike here on NVNews? Ah, but to you, it's all in the name of "humour". Right. Go sell that bull**** to kids under the age of 16, perhaps they'll believe you.
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