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Unhappy Adjust TV-Out Saturation?

Apologies in advance for the double post. No replies at all to the first...does that mean there is no answer, or there were no readers? :-)

Summary: how can I adjust the color saturation levels on the TV-out? DigitalVibrance seems to do nothing.

Running driver 1.0-4363 on an MSI K7NG2-ILSR (NForce2 w/ IGP) mobo on RH8.0 (for the Promise SATA binary module), everything "just works." Yay! TV-Out kicks in at startup (the console is on the TV), glxgears has about 1800 fps... All is basically well.

Except, color saturation is WAY too hot. Anything in red "swims" on the screen, dramatically brighter than anything else. White areas also appear over-driven, often drowning out adjacent items.

Option DigitalVibrance (any value) seems to have no effect.

This happens in all screen resolutions, including 640x480.

I can adjust direct-to-hardware programs (like mplayer) to reduce the saturation. When I do, that display is great. Normal X, however, is distractingly out-of-balance. I'd prefer to turn the chip down than configure every program individually, but any solution will do.

xgamma -gamma .18 (yes, .18! - default is 1.0) makes the reds and whites look about right but everything else (especially blue) is nearly black. I think the issue is more "saturation" than "brightness."

How can I adjust this?

I have attached my XF86Config file, commented-out lines and all. :-)

cat /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0
Model: GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU
IRQ: 11
Video BIOS: 04.1f.00.07.05
Card Type: AGP

Thanks for your help.
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