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Default Best Linux distro for a not fast machine

Hello all,
Itís a nice feeling entering Linux OS community for the first time, especially because I am on a serious task to switch all computers from my office from commercial OS like Windows XP SP2 to some good Linux distro.
I hope and I am sure Iíll have good and useful time in here.
Now, I would like to mention what exactly I need help with.
I am managing an NGO office with less then 10 quite old machines. And the average computer power is: AMD Athlon 600MHz with 256-512 RAM.
Unfortunately there is no plan to upgrade hardware in the near future, and yet I have to do the switch to Linux for licensing reasons.
Could you Linux gurus advice me what is the best and most user-friendly Linux distro for an Athlon 600MHz machine?
I would like to mention that it would be nice from all those many Linux distros available out there to install a distro that is really compatible with most device drivers and has lots of software available for it, so I will not have to spend the first half of the day installing a printer driver, and the second half trying to find a Linux compatible software for doing some simple tasks.
Thanks you very much in advance and best regards.
Cheers everyone!
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