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Default Re: Linux users need a good driver for nvidia products!

Originally Posted by oldsoundguy
It is amazing how many blame the software before they check out the hardware. Just because it "works" in windows does not mean that it is good hardware .. garbage works in Windows .. just look at WinModems and 29.99 printers!

A weak power supply, poor air circulation and faulty fans, bad interior cables, slots that were filled with dust bunnies that were not cleaned out when a card was plugged in .. the list goes on and on.
Of course a thinkpad T61p is ****ty hardware. And everybody knows windows is less propense to dust, I don't use it, wouldn't know. What I know is, with nothing running except a browser, with only a tab open, with no flash, moving, resizing or scrolling the page/windows is everything but smooth. And cpu peaks when doing that. When using composite things are fast enough. So there seems to be an issue with 2D render acceleration.

Haven't seen that with an ATI Mobility Radeon X600 and a NVidia GeForce4 before as I see now with the Quadro FX 570M. The garbled display i've seen before.

And now, for something completely diferent ...
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