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Originally posted by Geforce4ti4200
score looks ok but your cpu is slower than mine, I am beating you on everything except nature on a 280/520 ti4200 and when I get a faster ti4200 and better cooling for my xp2000 I expect to break 14k
Yea I wanna overclock my cpu but I have an intel motherboard. I tried to download and installthe latest bios which would let me bump it up to 4% at least but it won't install. I guess because VPR Matrix did something "special" to the bios. I tried to download and install cpufsb to try and overclock it but when I run it it says I need a newer ntiow.sys file and it won't run. Any idea how I can fix it? Anxious to see what it will do overclocked a little. I did get my gf4 up to 282/550 and got a 12850 score but I don't wanna push it so much so back to 275/550

Oh yea at idle my cpu is at about 42c and case is 37c is that good enough cooling you think for just a little overclocking? Sorry for all the questions I just haven't had a computer I could overclock since my celeron 300a at 450 lol.

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