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Default Will the day come when 20k marks on a ti4200 becomes easy?

I am not talking about some liquid nitrogen cooled ti4200 and a 3GHz p4 at 4.5GHz on 300fsb barely breaking 20k marks using tons of software tweaks as well to lower the IQ. More like all air cooled, ti4200s overclocked to perhaps 300-320 core and 600-650 on the ram. Nearly all albatrons do a minimum of 280/600 and many do 300/630. Other brands generally get to around stock ti4400 speeds. Seeing my ti4200 at 280/520 gets me just over 13k on a 2.14GHz tbred, flash foreward several years, perhaps 2005 when the prescott pentium5 at 90nm and 3.4GHz with 1mb cache is looking great on paper. also at 250fsb itll be oced to 4.25GHz and being 90nm this might even be possible on air. If people are getting the 2.8c to around 3.5GHz on 130nm, imagine 90nm. I dont see why 4+ GHz would be a problem even with the first steppings. Later steppings will have people ocing 4GHz to 5GHz. Not only that, the pentium5 could be MHz per MHz as good as the tbreds, meaning if the tbreds countinue to over 3GHz which I doubt, a 3.4GHz tbred would match a 3.4GHz pentium5. Right now the pentium4 "C" at 200fsb has gotten pretty close, a 2.8c could match a 2.4GHz tbred or an xp3200 barton at 2.2GHz which isnt bad. Would a 4GHz prescott at 5GHz and a ti4200 at 300/600 be able to break 20k marks?
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