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first, don't tell me what i think. i know what i know. you don't know what i think, so leave it at that.

there is a spec for DDR400 just as there's a spec for DDR333. the spec hasn't been finalized, but that's a different matter.

i'm very "familiar" with corsair's memory; do not patronize me. i don't appreciate it, especially when it comes out of ignorance.

As for your claim that Mushkin PC3200 is only good for 333MHz
i never said that. read my post again. don't look at mushkin's words. comprehend them. the memory is tested at 2.5 at 333MHz - NOT 400MHz.

corsair makes fine memory, but that it 'runs' at 200MHz does not make it DDR400. it's as simple as that.
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