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Question I need a small DVD-Player with HDMI

We are getting 4 DVD-players for the work but we have constraints. the DVD-player is going to be installed in a column (which where the LCD-TV will be attached) so the standard horizontal DVD-players will not fit (unless someone can come up with an idea ?). we are currently looking for either a vertical or a small DVD player that fits in there.

it's kinda hard to be illustrated here without clear pictures , but in summary a small or vertical DVD-player with HDMI preferably a good quality one that supports most formats & cost is not an issue.

* also another question if i just picked up a standard horizontal dvd-player & used it in vertical position, does it really hurt or corrupts the DVDs after a while or shortens the player's life cycle ??

oh & i'm open to any new ideas or suggestions.

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