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Default Re: GDC CryEngine2 Streets of SF

Originally Posted by Danny02

I just run the cpu_benchmark2 with all settings on low (physik particles ... on veryhigh) on 800x600

as you can see it used all four cores but its poorly optimized for quadcores.
When i play games with the Unreal Engine 3 (Bioshock, UT3...) which is fully optimized, all cores are maxed out nearly all the time.
Another thing is that when you play the game, nearly all the time only two cores are used. As you can see above.
That shows low CPU load pretty evenly divided over the cores, and it looks like there is GPU bottlenecking going on, since no core is fully loaded.
Either that or its latancy to keep threads in sync or something (just guessing, dunno how that works)

Had 1 or 2 cores been totally maxed out, while the others had a low load, THEN it would be "poorly optimized", or well, not really, but less fine grained anyhow.
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