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Originally posted by zakelwe
What kind of car do you have saturnotaku and how much shopping can you fit in it ? I'll pass the info on to my wife when you post a reply.
If you looked at my signature you wouldn't have had to ask that question. I can fit enough groceries in my car to get me by each week. And I'll still have room to transport my laptop, Xbox and whatever.

But if you've spent any significant amount of time on these boards, you'd know darn well my stance on 3dmark. I believe this program, especially the 2001 iteration, is worthless, except to test video card overclocking stability. If I had a PIII 600/GeForce2 MX and you had a P4 3.2/Radeon 9800, yeah you're going to get a better 3dmark score. But if we were at a LAN party and I beat your *** at Counterstrike or UT that would be far more satisfying.

To use the car analogy, that would be like a stock Camaro Z28 beating up on a riced out Civic.
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