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Exclamation Using NVIDIA Linux graphics drivers with Linux 2.6.25

As discussed in several threads on this forum, the current NVIDIA Linux graphics driver releases (71.86.04, 96.43.05, 169.12 and 171.06) can not be installed on systems using Linux 2.6.25 kernels without prior modification.

The patches and instructions below may help users that wish or need to use the above driver releases with Linux 2.6.25 kernels. The 173.08 NVIDIA Linux graphics driver release does not require patching.

The patches can be used with both the 32-bit/x86 and 64-bit/x86-64 Linux graphics driver .run packages (, and; to patch a driver, run the unmodified .run installer with the --apply-patch command line option (see the below for examples) and the patch file with the same version number. The 169.12 patch file can be used with the 171.06 .run packages.

For example, to patch the 169.12 Linux/x86-64 (i.e. 64-bit) .run package and install the updated driver on a Linux 2.6.25 system, use:
# sh /path/to/ \
--apply-patch /path/to/NVIDIA_kernel-169.12-2286310.diff.txt
# sh
Similarly, to patch the 71.86.04 Linux/x86 (i.e. 32-bit) .run package and install the updated driver, use:
# sh /path/to/ \
--apply-patch NVIDIA_kernel-71.86.04-2305230.diff
# sh
Please note: these patches are provided as-is and may not work on all systems/configurations; use them at your own risk.
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