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i never said that. read my post again. more time for the girls and boys watching at home...

You said
As for the Mushkin: PC3200 = 333MHz FSB

To top it go on to say....
don't look at mushkin's words. comprehend them. the memory is tested at 2.5 at 333MHz - NOT 400MHz.
That's interesting b/c Mushkin explicitly says on their website ( about this memory )
Our PC3200 DDR SDRAM is run through a speed bin sort to insure operation at 200MHz memory bus (400MHz DDR).
I could go on with this...but it is evident that you are not here to hold a rational conversation...For better or for worse, I stick to the things I say...if someone proves me wrong, I am adult enough to admit it and move on....

In this case, I proved you wrong and now you're back pedaling faster than a mongoose on speed...

BTW, what is this mythical DDR400 if it isn't a low-noise module running at 200MHz???

The answer? It IS a low-noise module running at 200MHz.....only some "official" DDR400 will have more headroom than the Corsair modules...

I've said and seen more than enough'll have to find someone else to play with...I apologize if this whole thing sounds catty.....Lotsa stress at work as of late...patience is next to nothing as of late...

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