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Default cl_strengthscale Question

Hi everyone,

I've been experimenting with the cl_strengthscale command. There are a few youtube videos around (such as this one: showing people being launched into space when using this command, but I cannot get it to work on my end. Punching static objects (like barrels, cars etc) - the command works great (set at 3000 at my end). Cars especially fly impressively far when punched (and explode instantly too). But I just can't get people to launch. If I punch them, they just keel over like they do when you normal strength punch them (ie when strengthscale is set to the default of 1), and if I grab them and then punch them, they fly no further than they normally do in vanilla Crysis. Does anyone know the secret of getting this to work with people? I did wonder if it was a version specific thing (demo only maybe or something) - I'm patched to v1.2.


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