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Default Re: cl_strengthscale Question

@K007: Yeah, it is as funny as anything watching how far some of those objects fly. I was walking around the first island (the first level), and after taking care of some enemies, I decided to punch their vehicle. I punched it - it exploded and kept on going...and going...and going...until it landed about 5 feet away from that 'HQ on the hill where you gather your first bit of intel'. The spot I punched it from was over the other side of the bay! lol - I bet it scared the life out of the dozen or so enemies patrolling inside that HQ compound! (I just wish I had FRAPS recording at the time, it would have been so awesome had the flaming wreck of the car landed on the HQ building itself, demolishing it or setting fire to the explosive barrel there)

CaptNKILL: This is in-game. I have just tried adding that devmode switch to the Crysis shortcut, and it seems to have made no difference. Anything I punch apart from the enemies flies - but the enemies just refuse to go any further than what they normally do when punched in strength mode. I also have just fired up the editor. I'm not familiar with it, but I believe I was able to play through a bit of the first level - and again, the same thing. Setting strengthscale to 3000 causes cars and barrels to fly, but not enemies. Yet that youtube video clearly shows people flying too. I don't know what the problem is.

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