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Default Re: cl_strengthscale Question

Ok, I think I've made some progress. Some further research indicates that Crytek changed the damage done to the enemies by punching or melee attack in patch 1.2. So, options at this stage are:

1. Go back to Crysis 1.0

2. Try and work out what Crytek did (I'm wondering if it is due to the strict violence in video game laws they have in Crytek's home country, their censor board may not have liked the idea of being able to throw humans miles into the sky!) - and 'un-mod' it.

I'm trying the second way. I've never created a mod before (unless you count the 'making sniper rifle reticule in Far Cry bright red instead of grey so it stands out against the grey of the merc's uniforms - and I think I probably fluked that rather than putting it down to any skill on my part), so I will see how I go. Thus far (about an hours work), I've had some success - certainly the enemies now fly a lot further than they do in the un-modded version (not necessarily saying that I am adjusting the correct parameters for this problem, but the ones I am adjusting are having some effect). The distance they fly now is impressive, but it's not quite the 'over the top' distance I am looking for.

If I get it fully up and working (it's not being recognised by the Crysis 'mods' menu at the moment, but I am loading it via the command line - no idea what the problem is there), I will post a link here for download for anyone else who is interested in it. In the meantime, if anyone can shed any further light on what I should be modding (I'm playing with the 'impulse' values in fists.xml and offhand.xml), then please post here.


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