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Default Re: cl_strengthscale Question

Ok, some better news. I have basically managed to achieve what I wanted. People now fly miles into the air when punched in Crysis 1.2

It wasn't the Impulse setting, it was the Damage setting. The notes below are what I found via experimenting. To understand the below info, there are two ways to punch someone: first is to simply run up to someone and punch them, second is to run up to them, grab them and then punch them while holding them. There are also two types of punches: first is simply the normal 'non strength mode' punch, the second is the 'nanosuit strength mode' punch.

Fists.xml - 'Damage' controls fist strength when you grab plus punch someone. However, it does not control the fist strength when you simply punch someone.

OffHand.xml - Based on the above, 'Damage' would logically control fist strength when you plain punch someone. Seemingly illogically however, setting Fists.xml back to the default Damage value and then simply changing Damage in OffHand.xml does not alter your punching. But - setting both files to the same (changed) values does affect both grab plus punch and normal punch.

There are 2 copies of each file - one in {path to Crysis folder}\Game\GameData.pak and the other in {path to Crysis folder}\Game\ZPatch1.pak. In the modding, I am using the one from {path to Crysis folder}\Game\ZPatch1.pak - I assume that GameData.pak contains the v1.0 xml file and ZPatch1.pak contains the v1.1/v1.2 xml file.

Impulse I believe is sort of like momentum. In Fists.xml, the GameData.pak version was 180, while in ZPatch1.pak version it is only 60. So, Crytek changed it in one of the patches. The effect I believe it has is that in patched Crysis, enemies slump to the ground when strength punched, whereas in un-patched Crysis, they fly a small way through the air and slide along the ground a bit (to me, the latter looks better).

Problems (need to fix before I provide a download link, though anyone can just go in, extract the xml's from their Crysis installation and mod them themselves without a download link):
-Mod is not recognised in the Crysis mod menu - I believe I have followed the Sandbox 2 manual correctly here so I don't know why (currently loading the mod via the command line):

-This mod affects normal punching, so if you normal punch a enemy, they fly miles through the air. Strength mode punching is not required to get them to fly, though if you do strength punch, they presumably fly the same distance as the normal punch. Normal punching an object (car, barrel) is fine - a car won't budge, a barrel will only move a short distance. You still have to strength punch them to get them to fly. It would be nice if the change would only affect strength mode punching when it comes to the enemies.


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