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Default Re: Universe at War feedback thread ...?


ok anyway the first patch came out, made the ceiling 22% higher, which was nice, though you can hack it to zoom out like SupCom and the performance doesn't take *that* much of a hit, so why they only did 22% I'll never know.

Single player campaigns grow old fast and the board game style global conquest just feels like combining skirmish battles with scissors/paper/stone. The longevity only really squares up in multiplayer, which I never got to try cos frankly no bugger bought this game!

Basically, other than a few neat ideas (walkers rock), it doesn't have the finesse, pace, plot, performance or sheer enjoyment factor of C&C3. Not a bad game, just not a great one either.

Maybe Petroglyph will get it right 3rd time around.

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