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Default Re: Best Linux distro for a not fast machine

Hi again,
Considering forum info and many articles I have read I have come with a few selected distros.
I would really appreciate if you could help me by pointing me to one of these distros to be installed on machines with Athlon 600MHz CPU with RAM varying from 256 to 512 and HDs from 40 to 80GB.
Here are the distros choose by me:
Vector Linux
Puppy Linux
Ubuntu 6.06
Slackware 10.2

Which one do you recommend me to use?
Also I would like to use this opportunity for finding what is the best alternative for Microsoft Office (especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint) if using Linux, and does Linux accept lets say Office 2000 at all? I have 10 machines license for Microsoft Office 2000, and was wondering if Linux accept that software?
Thanks again to everyone helping me with this transition.
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