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Default Re: Grub went bye-bye :(

Okay, usually it goes sda1=(hd0,0) sda2=(hd0,1) sda3=(0,2)

So if Linux is on /dev/sda2 use (hd0,1). The "setup (hd0)" sets the new boot sequence of the MBR. Don't "setup (hd0,?)" on a non-Linux partition ever. A way to check consistency to yourself is to type "cat (hd0," and press TAB. Good 'ol tab completion again. It'll list partition IDs, Linux filesystems being 0x83. While at its command line "help" lists what grub can do.

So use the two commands to update your MBR. As you found out OS installs can sometimes decide to commandeer the MBR. Miffs me too.
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