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Smile Re: X Server Fails To Start on NIVIDIA At Solaris Install

Partial Solution Found

I used the method below to boot single-user from GRUB.
Solaris 10 System Administrator Collection >>
System Administration Guide: Basic Administration >>
11. x86: GRUB Based Booting (Tasks) >>
x86: Booting a System in the GRUB Based Boot Environment >>
x86: How to Boot a System to Run Level S (Single-User Level)

Now I can login as root in single-user level.

I installed driver file successfully.

I used the /usr/X11/bin/xorgconfig command to create a basic xorg.conf
file. After reboot it locked up when I tried to start the graphics login.

From what I have read I need to use kdmconfig to change from Xsun
server to Xorg server but when I try to run the command kdmconfig I
get the message kdmconfig not found.

New Questions:
1. Where is kdmconfig located and how do I start kdmconfig?
2. Is there some other method to change from Xsun server to Xorg server?
3. In single-user level what command do I use to startx?

Thanks in advance,

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