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Default Re: No warcraft threadss lately!?

Originally Posted by Monolyth
I'm kinda of in a holding pattern for 2.4. Been collecting badges, etc. Also our guild just made a changeover to having a hardcore raider & casual section. So being an Officer I get to enjoy doing some work here & there, but if you do the grunt work up front it pays in the end.
It's good it's enjoyable for you. Wasn't bad for 8 months; then I got to see the other side of being an officer. Lets just say it included a different, rather angry (generally speaking), officer, who's hasty, impatient with people in general, and really doesn't care to listen to what people have to say. Long time friend of his, and he up and /gkick them one day, with little said. Guild highly confused, ask, and he's like "all who want to join are free to leave. I'll start again, I don't care". No one really knows what's up. Friend of mine, got highly abused; and in this, in 10 months as an officer, I never saw any sh** like that before. He'd yell that the person can't be on, on Fridays (could be there 6 days out of the week), and make issue. What was up, was personal and private, and there was no business demanding details, let along giving someone continual hell for it. I ask why we don't just ask members what time is good for them, and schedule accordingly; his answer "I don't want to have to do that. People who want to raid, will always be on, when I want."

One raid, he started screaming on vent about his son, his ex-wife, what he hates about his ex-wife and how his son is too much like her. And after he got done screaming all this, he cancelled raid. Then when all this was going on, he'd get upset that people don't confide in him, or speak their minds when they have a problem with something... But then, say whatever; and it could set his temper off.

I had the extreme misfortune, whenever this other officers, in his own words "lost it"; which seemed to be an extremely common phenomina, suggesting some real anger management issues; of PSTing his nasty comments about people, to me. All his angry words, his personal venom, whatever, I ended up becomming his hamper for; and then he'd get upset when I wouldn't always speak to him at times immediately following this, with a "so you're not speaking to me now". And after a run, where he totally "lost it", as he'd say; and started blaming my friend for things that happened on a sethek halls run, he was not even present on; I told the former guild master my assesement of the situation. I also set the record straight on who was there, and who was not (as I was there to see what happened, etc). When the former guild master left for a time (following some words of his disgust), I got dragged in on vent, and was demanded "what do you think of me", in a highly hostile, and belligerent manner. Umm, what I said to the guild master at the time, was spoaken officer to guild master, in private and in confidence.

I left, and am now in an SSC raiding guild (previous one was a kara raiding guild). I didn't want to deal with it anymore, and more to the point didn't want to watch a friend, who bent over backwards trying to resolve things with the person in question; constantly get dealt with in this manner. The new guild master, to the SSC/TK raiding guild is ready to invite him also (I put in some words), but he's got some thinking to do. Gawd, I don't think I want to be an officer again, anytime soon, unless there's a real understanding in place ahead of time.
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