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Default Vanilla Crysis Dx9 = wow !

after a few days of fumbling around trying to find which OS was best suited
for my needs i decided to use Xp 32 bit, SP 2. -driver support is by far the best
and i'm doing audio recording as well as gaming so it's a good balance for both.

anyway, i fired up crysis on the freshly installed o.s and gave it a run. to my amazement
i've never seen the game run so smooth. i put on the -devmode and jumped back in game
and the fps NEVER went below 30 and was usually between 40 and 50 CONSTANTLY, unless
turning quickly n what have you. yeah yeah, i know vanilla dx9 mode -but it actually
looks pretty darn tootin'. -coupled with the high FPS it's really like playing the videos
minus the sun flares, and a few other fancy details. but, right now i don't really care..

waiting for whatever comes after the geforce 10..
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