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Cool Re: X Server Fails To Start on NIVIDIA At Solaris Install


1. Is there a method for identifying which X server the system is using?

2. Any ideas on where kdmconfig should be located in Solaris 10 or how to find kdmconfig?

3. Is there a method other than using kdmconfig, for changing from Xsun server to Xorg server?



The details of my trying to run kdmconfig are listed below.

I was told that using the command below would run kdmconfig:

# /usr/openwin/bin/kdmconfig

I ran this command and got the message "bin not found"

I used the find command to search for kdmconfig and got the message:

# /usr/openwin/sbin/kdmconfig

I try to run kdmconfig with the command below:

# /usr/openwin/sbin/kdmconfig

I got the message "kdmconfig not found".

I cd to the directory that kdmconfig is reported to be in and try to run it.

# cd /usr/openwin/sbin/

issue command:

# ./kdmconfig

I got the message "kdmconfig not found".

It looks like kdmconfig is missing or in some other directory.
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