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Default Re: GeForce Go 7900 GS black flash screen

I find it sad but laughable that this thread has been brought back to life. On linux, XID type bugs, PowerMizer problems and general nVidia based laptop card problems have been the status quo for nearly two years (possibly longer but that's as far back as I go with nvidia and linux laptops). As an engineer, I can understand why these problems might persist: Dealing with a moving target kernel, third party vendors that simply don't care about linux support (Toshiba) (though when the nvidia guys on this forum recommend a BIOS update, that actually is a really great starting point), dealing with new ideas and ways of rendering a desktop (compiz) and the fact that the nvidia laptop market is, frankly, tiny (nvidia desktop cards are, in my experience, awesome).

Having said that, it's still frustrating that nvidia hasn't fixed the most glaring bug even though it seems incredibly trivial. The vast majority of the laptop problems (XID, performance, etc) are related to PowerMizer but, in most of the cases I've seen (that are in the power of nvidia to fix), the simple solution is: DISABLE POWERMIZER! (Which is what the PerfLevelSrc hack essentially does).

I really am baffled as to why after 2 years the driver isn't more laptop friendly. An upset user that understands what is causing the problems and the hacks available to fix them can literally get a great running nvidia laptop card by hobbling together some scripts (in an afternoon...). The visibility of the PowerMizer settings and the lack of ability to configure them in recent nvidia drivers is even more frustrating. If a random user can figure out that an "nvidia-settings -q all > /dev/null" tickles something in the card that forces it to full power and the new PowerMizer display knows when the machine is on battery/AC, it should be straightforward to add 2 combo boxes labeled "AC" and "Battery" with the following selections: "Go Fast" (Powermizer 2), "Go Slow but save power" (Powermizer 0), "Go kinda fast" (Powermizer 1) and, "Try to go fast when I need it" (Current dynamic scaling). This is not a feature that requires 2 years of discussion and planning, it's a weekend project.

In fact, I've worked myself into a slight frenzy here and might just write a GTK app that has those two combo boxes. I don't know if CoolBits can be utilized to force a downclock but, even as a non-nvidia engineer, with only scripts and known hacks to work with, it really does seem like a weekend project...
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